Board of Directors

Paris Executive

President - Mike Harp

Vice President - Kevin Noseworthy

Past President - Mark Arndt

Treasurer - Sandee O'Neill

Executive members -

Rebecca Noseworthy and Martina Sookbirsingh

Meet the President

Hello, I would like to take a moment and welcome every player, coach, family member, conveners and club administrator to the Paris Soccer Club! I also would like to introduce myself to everyone who is affiliated with the club and who has played for the club in the past. My name is Mark ARNDT and I'm excited to be able to work with the soccer club as the Past President of PSC.

I was introduced to the soccer community 6 or 7 years ago and since then I have been conducting and serving the soccer community through the Paris Soccer Club. I will be involved in guiding the club in many areas including player development, coaching education, and assistance in club management capacity. I know there will always be bumps in the road but my goals are pure and honest in running a soccer club that can develop players and coaches to the fullest, provide the opportunity for every child who wishes to play soccer regardless of skill level, and create an environment that the entire community will be proud of; while having fun in sport.

It is also my personal goal to build a strong soccer family in PSC. This means in order to be a complete soccer club, everyone has to be on the same page. Any changes if necessary will be what is in the best interest for the club and for overall player development. Building a true soccer family means that there is a place for every child who wants to play soccer regardless of skill level, gender, ethnicity, or limitations. Equally important is to provide a positive experience for every child. As we continue build our administration we will look for people to step up and do their part in giving back as we strengthen and develop our volunteer base.

You may notice some ongoing growth and changes to our fields and club. We have reworked our smaller fields (U8-U10) and made the two fields larger and changed the direction so we don't have the sunset keeper squinting in the past. They are going to be official OSA sized fields. This will allow for better player development as we move forward. This also allows our U10 division to play with 7 players plus a keeper. This allows the division coaches and players to prepare for moving onto the official sized fields in U12 allowing them to play all traditional soccer positions (including midfielders). Please be patient as we develop the new fields as one is freshly seeding and growing and we are temporarily limited to one U8/U10 field. We are hoping to have both up and running in August (weather permitting). Please assist us in keeping players off the seeded field as it matures. We are also installing new netting barriers between the fields that will be 100' wide and 16' high. This will assist with less playing time wasted chasing balls that are kicked out of the end field. Please assist us in keeping players and spectators from climbing on or around the netting for safety reasons.

I want to give a BIG shout out to ALL of our volunteer coaches, assistant coaches, referees and conveners. Please remind yourself that they have volunteered their time and are parents and players as well. They are doing their best and please think twice and keep your comments and support respectful and positive. If you wish to assist and enhance your experience with PSC please email me or any board member advising of your interest in volunteering with PSC. PSC uses approximately 80 volunteers a season and we are always in need of your assistance.

I wish everyone to have a great experience, filled with fun and learning, and along with our administration and coaching staff I look forward to working with every family member.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you, we have a lot to be proud of.

Kind regards,
PSC Past President