Parent Info

Parents are the key...Ask any great soccer player who played a major role in their soccer growth and 90% of the time the answer will be “Mom or Dad”. Whether it was the level of support or the time at night and weekends spent in the back yard just “messing around”, parents are often the engine behind developing talent, not the coach. These small little sessions “messing around” play such a major role in a youth player’s development. With many professional soccer players their “parents” were the reason they were able to achieve such success.

Parents Code of Conduct:
(Twin Rivers Soccer)

This is something that we emphasize throughout the year.

Do not coach the team players including your own youngster, from the sidelines during the game.

Respect the judgment of the referee and do not criticize officials (they have the final say and can card spectators as well as players).

Supportive parents focus on mastering soccer skills and game strategies.

Decrease the pressure to win.

Believe that soccers primary value is to provide youth an opportunity for self-development.

Understand the risks. A soccer game is full of mistakes and the team that makes fewer mistakes
generally wins the game. Playing soccer is being willing to take the chance of failure.

Communicate with the coach and create a positive, supportive working relationship. Coaches are volunteers and are doing their best. If you have a concern, use the 24 hour cool down period before approaching the coach.

Understand and respect the different roles of parents and coaches.

Control negative emotions and think positively.

Avoid the use of fear - because player development is rarely fostered by fear of the consequences
but fear of failure.

Parents must show empathy for the young developing soccer player.


Parents, coaches and players share the “team concept” in PSC Soccer. This means you (parents), coaches and players all working together. A TEAM working with your child to achieve their goals and some they don't even realize they have the potential to achieve. No matter what level of a player they wish to become it’s the same foundation of skills and effort that is required. Many great champions and successful people didn’t start out saying I will be the champion. It was developed and realized with great team effort between parents and coaches and through keeping it fun and competitive at the same time. Please keep in mind that PSC is made up of volunteers who are also parents watching their own little ones growing and developing.

What PSC will bring as coaches…

Practices: Practices will run for about an hour or so (location dependent on availability). We know there are many conflicts when it comes to practices but please try your best to have your child there as much as possible. This is important so they can practice as a team. It also provides them the most opportunity to learn and practice new skills, gaining confidence and ability that they will be able to apply later on.

Practices will focus on 3 skills: an individual, a team concept skill and a scrimmage to apply them.

Teamwork and Even play…

Teamwork is VERY important. We want everyone to score a goal, make a save, complete a pass etc. Every year the coaches get together and establish a baseline of player skills and ability. The teams are then selected through a blind draft to try and evenly match the skills and abilities. Keep in mind we feel that skill development is as important as winning and scoring the goal. It is as important on a scoring opportunity to pass as it is to get the goal. At the lower levels PSC soccer is directed towards all skills and therefore the players will rotate through several positions on the field. We understand that they may have a position they prefer or excel in. We will try to encourage/accommodate as best we can while encouraging them to try other positions so they can develop the most skill possible. We encourage this by explaining that learning other positions you strengthen your position through understanding the roles of all players on the team.

Good spirit/attitude…

Coaches and player tend to get animated and try to show a lot of spirit during the games and tournaments. It’s equally important that the players and you (parents) bring your ‘A’ game and get excited and involved. Positive attitude and spirit is contagious and infectious, so help spread it around.

Reduced body contact…

As PSC Soccer is directed towards skills development, we do not allow physical contact with other players with slide tackles and do not encourage heading the ball. Each year there are teams that are tagged as aggressive and using physical contact. Through encouraging players to attack the ball and NOT the player there have been little issue with this aspect. PSC can assure you that we do not encouraging anyone to go after another player or to use slide tackles. We will be teaching them how to post (stand with) another player to prevent passes and get open. PSC coaches will speak to a player and parents if I notice they appear to be contacting other players and we will work to change the behaviour.

What you bring as parents…

It’s important that the players see their parents bringing the ‘A’ game and getting excited and involved. Positive attitude and spirit is contagious and infectious, so help spread it around. Please try to find the positive advice when they are discouraged or feel they made a mistake or let down the team. It is a team sport and not ONE individual is ever completely at fault. We try to express this throughout the year, even when the other team scores it’s no individuals fault, it’s a combination of many factors that we can focus on and divert them from discouraging thoughts and feelings. The ball goes through a lot of feet before it gets in the net.